6 days away... Linda P. 3 kids; Connecticut 127 posts
May 31st '13

6 more days left until my due date. :D I had my 39 week check up on Wednesday (29th) and my dr did a membrane sweep. I am really hoping that it would help start my labor. The funny thing was that after she did the sweep, I didn't feel any cramping like other people say you feel. I am spotting which she says is normal. Today I have been super active cleaning and doing the laundry. Some people say labor starts 24-48 hours after having the sweep done, but it's also a 50/50 chance it works. Only if your body and baby is ready I guess. I hope my baby boy is ready to arrive soon. I am so anxious!!

Mrs.Gray♥ 48 kids; Corinth, Mississippi 1669 posts
May 31st '13

Yay! :)