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May 31st '13

** This will probably be a post and run, I'd like a nap before work. :P **

When DS1 was about six months old (so two and a half years ago), I started getting tests ran for an inflamed gallbladder. Ultrasound, CT, and HIDA later - it was only functioning 3% more than the doctor liked but he still kept it in and told me it was something I'd have to deal with. A gastroenterologist, two endoscopies with two ridiculous diagnoses, I give up and figure I'll just deal with it.
Insurance changed in January, new group of doctors, yadda yadda. I just thought it was getting inflamed again so my OB sends me to a surgeon, much to my surprise. Surgeon comes in, finds out I've already had all the fun tests, and starts feeling around my upper stomach. Not even halfway through the appointment he says we should go ahead and remove it. It was like music to my freaking ears.
Of course, I'm too chicken shit to have the surgery while I'm pregnant (and he would do it laproscopically instead of the old-fashioned way), so I'm doing it while I'm in the hospital recovering from my C-Section and tubal.

So about sixteen weeks and three surgeries to go and hopefully, after all this time, life will be back to normal.

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May 31st '13

Ew, I had mine Removed when I was 16 lol. Good luck, it does feel a lot better but you gotta watch your diet ;)