Baby Shower Ideas? *Big Mama of 4* 20 kids; Jackson, Tennessee 363 posts
May 30th '13

I need some baby shower ideas. What kind of games can be played and all that.

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12304 posts
May 30th '13

The pin game. Everyone gets a clothes pin and no one can say the word baby. If someone hears you say it then that person gets to keep it. Whoever has the most at the end gets a prize.
Price is right game. People have to guess the price of random baby items.
Guess the poop. Melt mini size candy bars in diapers and people have to guess what the candy bar is.

Jennifer SG TTC since Aug 2015; Montreal, Quebec 8466 posts
May 30th '13

Guess the Belly size. Everyone cut a piece of yarn that will fit perfectly around mommy's tummy. Whoever is the closest Wins!

Jennifer SG TTC since Aug 2015; Montreal, Quebec 8466 posts
May 30th '13

Also...My friend did a Onesie decoration. clothes pain and white onesies and have fun and decorate. that was fun

Mrs.Gray♥ 48 kids; Corinth, Mississippi 1669 posts
May 30th '13

Oh man. Lots of games.

Guess the poop - melt mini candies into diapers and let people guess by smelling and seeing the "poop" but they can not taste it.

Unscramble the words - scramble up popular baby items and have your guests unscramble them.

Guess the belly size - using string, ribbon, toilet paper, or streamer, have guests roll out to what they think will perfectly fit around mom's belly.

Rice and safety pins - in a large bowl, combine a bag of rice and 20 or so small safety pins. Blindfold your guests one at a time and see how many pins each guest can find.

Diaper raffle - everyone that brings a pack of diapers gets a ticket or their name in a hat/bowl for a raffle (prize is usually a bottle of wine or a gift basket provided by the host).

Hand each guest a paper (not Styrofoam) plate and a pencil. Have them put the plate on their head and draw a baby.