does my three year old have OCD? tumblexlove Japan 17 posts
May 30th '13

I want to begin by letting you know that I have severe anxiety and have been medicated since I was thirteen. I also have bipolar disorder and take medication for that. I have talked with several psychiatrists and therapists and I know a lot about mental disorders, I long to be a drug counselor...

Since my son was one I have been noticing the way he does things very orderly and its only gotten stronger with age. He is three and a half and some of the many many things he does are step on a certain dot on the marble floor when heading down the steps, and telling me to step on a certain one as well. He also sits at a certain spot at dinner which i think most people do so im not worried, he has to wear his comfy pants . I don't know, I really just hope that I am over thinking it but and advice is welcomed,


P.S had an old acct years ago and 4got the passwprd, so here i am

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May 30th '13

My son is three and I'm starting to think it's just something with that age group, because I've seen other kids doing it too.

I wouldn't worry though unless it gets worse as he gets older.

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May 30th '13

That is a sign of autism actually. OCD is hard to diagnose in young kids, but it could be that. But, those are signs of ASD.

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May 30th '13

I think a lot of kids kind of go through a phase like that. My friends three yr old is in to putting everything in order right now. All his toy cars get lined up end to end based on color. This color can't touch that color etc. He's also weird about places he walks on the floor. You could mention it to his pedi, but I don't think it's anything to worry about.

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May 30th '13

My son was just as particular about way more things than that and I took him in to be checked for autism but even though he his many of the markers he didn't meet any of the social markets (the most important one), after the assessment the doctor told me he thought he had mild OCD and that it would slowly disappear as he learned to cope and didn't want to be just like his mom anymore (I can be quite particular)

tumblexlove Japan 17 posts
May 30th '13

thAnk you all for the responses, I agree it can def be his age at least i know that im not alone in feeling like this. Damn, I miss BG bigtime I used to be on it 24/7 lol.

so we got the 'terrible two's' & the 'OCD three' ....... geez -

tumblexlove Japan 17 posts
Jun 6th '13

I was half asleep when I made this thread and forgot the most telling signs that made me think he has OCD. the other day i took off his shoes and socks and he had a fit! In order to make him feel better I had to put both shoes and socks back on, than take off his left shoe, than left sock, right shoe, right sock in that order. Also whe anyone puts him over the doggy gate if anyone else does it but me he screams bloody murder saying nooooo I need mommy to do it and I must come and put him back to the other side and I have to do it and put him over the gate all over again. Even if its grandma who we live with he wont allow it and it totally bothers him to a point where he cries. My mom bashes me and says im spoiling him by repeating the gate ...shoe... or whatever process but I believe he cant help it and I am not spoiling him. Its so silly but these little things bother him a lot and he pays very close attention to things most people do naturally and dont even realize they're doing... I love him so much and I will definetly bring it up at his next pedi appt. Thank you for all the relpies mamas.