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Diapers user banned
May 29th '13

Right now Easton uses huggies, but with Orion coming in September I want to switch to cheaper diapers. Which brand do you use?

cn&i♥ 2 kids; Indiana 1019 posts
May 29th '13

I haven't used then yet with my son (he's two months), but with my daughter I loved the sam's club generic brand. Good quality and good value.

mommy2thing1&thing2 Due November 11 (girl); 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 3064 posts
May 29th '13

Luvs and target brand!!!

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
May 29th '13

luvs didnt work for us at all. target and even babies r us brand worked good for us though but we didnt try though til after he turned a year and a half

meghanrachelle Due September 4 (girl); 4 kids; Pontiac, MI, United States 185 posts
May 29th '13

We use Luvs and never have leak-throughs. I hate Parent's Choice (Walmart brand). I've heard really good things about Target brand but have never used them

ℐαzmчn 2 kids; Somerset, Kentucky 12712 posts
May 29th '13
Lynariman.. 3 kids; Arizona 289 posts
May 29th '13

I've tried them all from huggies to parents choice and i definitely love White Cloud my baby never leaks and theyre pretty cheap (luvs price)

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
May 29th '13

luvs. Both girls wear them and we don't have any leaks. I just spent $40 on diapers, that'll last us 2.5-3 weeks.

Walking in Memphis 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Macon, Georgia 5986 posts
May 29th '13

Target brand Up & Up is what I've used for both my boys.

Donna Jo Tanner 1 child; Beach Haven, New Jersey 6440 posts
May 29th '13

I've used parents choice and targets brand and they both work great for ds. I found luvs to be even cheaper feeling than parent choice and kind of plastic feeling :/. Ds peed through them so I only used the one pack and never bought them again. I've used every diaper out there and parent choice is what I stick with now.

Mommyof2B 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Torrance, California 2917 posts
May 29th '13

I used all 3 but I love the Target ones! My son can sleep through a whole 8-10 hours WITHOUT any leaks!!!

Nicola. 2 kids; Manton, MI, United States 13426 posts
May 29th '13

We use Luvs and Huggies. Luvs are a little bit smaller in each size. So when the Luvs get too snug we switch to Huggies.
We have never used Target brand but Parents Choice do not work for DS. He leaks in them after only a few hours. They are very stiff and seem uncomfortable for him too.

Eli&Elliot's Mommy! 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 2109 posts
May 30th '13

We used pampers from day 1.