16 weeks pregnant..dont feel pregnant, not even any slight k Love babyboy New York 776 posts
Jun 17th '08

16 weeks pregnant..dont feel pregnant, not even any slight kicks :( ?

Last week I had felt the baby kick slightly...this week nothing. I feel sickness, no this normal? I saw him on an ultrasound a week ago and he was just fine!

loveofmylife 1 child; Texas 31 posts
Jun 17th '08

is it your 1st child? it is normal to not feel any kicking or very irregular kicking before you get to twenty weeks

Shiloh's mama♥ 1 child; California 1946 posts
Jun 17th '08

Yes. I didnt really "feel" pregnant until 30 weeks. Now I'm miserable.

Good luck!

A&Z + K&I ♥ Due December 10 (girl); 18 kids; Ohio 1982 posts
Jun 17th '08

This is how I have been feeling for the past couple weeks. The only thing that reminds me I'm pregnant is the little belly I have and feeling the baby every couple days. :lol: It's all normal, I'm just trying to enjoy feeling great while I can.

sarah&izzy 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 16039 posts
Jun 17th '08

I didn't feel the baby kick for a while. This was me at 16 weeks... definitely didn't feel pregnant, minus the horrible morning sickness.


BreeBree 1 child; Alabama 863 posts
Jun 17th '08


*~Bunny~Hump~* 1 child; North Dakota 6820 posts
Jun 17th '08


Hailey621 3 kids; Texas 1729 posts
Jun 17th '08

i thought I was going crazy around that time... I didn't feel pregnant at all either... the morning sickness had gone away and I was still super flat.... had not gained a pound. And then at exactly 17 weeks she kicked! It was amazing... hang in there... that is a weird time in a pregnancy but it gets a lot better!

Mrs. Buratti 2 kids; Florida 1096 posts
Jun 17th '08
with my first pregnancy, I went through a few weeks in the fifth month where i didnt feel pregnant at all... I think its pretty normal, but if it would make you feel better, its totally OK to call the dr, thats what theyre there for! :) Good luck with everything!
♥Bug & Bubba♥ 2 kids; Auburn, Washington 32819 posts
Jun 17th '08

very very normal

aries417jp 1 child; California 117 posts
Jun 17th '08

i never even had morning sickness! but i felt movement around 16-18 weeks im not sure exactly but honestly the reality didnt hit me until i got a belly and i didnt get 1 for a long time

sick_girl Due February 24; 17 kids; Essen, Germany 3089 posts
Jun 17th '08

i had that in the start. i felt so good that i was scared something was wrong. I even called me mom once to ask her if feeling "to good" could be something bad. I never got morning sickness or anything like that. Sometimes i would almost forget i was pregnant. Then my pants started to get tight and i started to feel movement regularly (at 18 weeks). Just hang in there and be happy you are feeling so great. Many Many women have a really hard time.

I am nearly 37 weeks and sometimes the only reason i feel pregnant is this beach ball under my shirt.

Love babyboy New York 776 posts
Jun 17th '08

Thank you all ladies :D You all made me feel SUPER better! lol God Bless & Good Luck with your pregnancies :P