Regular strollers vs. Jogging strollers malibu. 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 6351 posts
May 28th '13

I am looking for a travel system that I plan to buy new. I really want to get a jogging stroller travel set because I plan to start running again after my son is born, but I want to make sure the price difference is worth it.

Is there a huge difference between having a regular stroller and a jogging stroller when it comes to exercise?

user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
May 28th '13

If you are a serious runner, then yes...having a jogger will make a huge difference. Not only that, the brand of jogger you buy!

I would highly recommend a BOB Revolution or Baby Jogger Summit XC! Both are car seat compatible, the Baby Jogger also offers a carry cot. I've had the BOB and currently have the Baby Jogger City Elite...LOVE them both!

zombie. 2 kids; Leadville, Colorado 23606 posts
May 28th '13

yes reg strollers arent made to withstand the impact that jogging strollers are.
reg strollers have plastic wheels and jogging strollers have rubber wheels.

Bad Things Blacksburg, SC, United States 21473 posts
May 28th '13

A jogging stroller is bigger ad heavier...I would get an umbrella stroller as well for trips out. But, if you were running, you should get one. They are safer, easier to push, and smoother on the road.

I got this jogging stroller...

with this umbrella stroller...

malibu. 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 6351 posts
May 28th '13

Just what I needed to know! Thanks ladies!

babysmile Japan 3 posts
May 31st '13

Hi you may find these two articles helpful actually make that 3 articles. I really like the new Baby Jogger Summit X3 I think that its going to be a real competitor to the Bob, bear in mind that jogger strollers are heavier and more bulky than regular strollers but the Summit X3 is narrower than the bob - another advantage.
Check this out here
I know thats a lot of reading but they give you some great info and I'm sure they will help you make your decision.