why cant I mother of 2 beauitful gir 2 kids; Tennessee 234 posts
May 28th '13

just be happy again. i really want my family to bee happy and stay together. but we both know that its not going to

he has very bad anger problems and takes it out on anyone or anything that is in his way.he doesnt do it with our kids yet but mainly on me and my dog. not sure why he does. im sick of it all we do is fight i told him last night that i wanted to leave him. i want to just because i want to be happy again, i want my girlsto be happy again mainly my oldest shes been in these fights for some time now. she will be 5 in oct and shes dealt with it all her life now the youngest doenst really know whats going on to well. i told him lastnight that he had to get some helo on his anger, but our problem is money. we dont really have any extra cash to pay for anything exta at the moment. so i know he isnt going to get any i dont know what to do anymore. im so freakiing confused.. i know i need to leave and stop stringing him along but its kinda hard to when you have no where to go or money to eat off of til i get paid on tuesday th 4th of june..someone please give me adivice? i really need it.

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May 28th '13

Money problems bring out the worst in people. With that being said me and my husband had problems with that and not having our own place, we have a place and he has a job making 14 an hour now. So we will see how things go once we are totally settled in and get the things we need right now i have all my dad stuff to use.

Jennifer SG TTC since Aug 2015; Montreal, Quebec 8466 posts
May 28th '13

I'm really sorry about your situation. Being with someone angry can be sooo difficult. Have you considered going to the doctor? Many doctors have contacts within the field to other help professionals and can maybe find you something that is less costly. Remember its their job to help you to their best ability.

Also, I know this can be hard, but know that sometimes walking away can be the answer for the moment. Doesn't have to be forever, but if he is taking the anger on you and the dog, I wouldn't wanna take the chance with my babies around.

I hope it all works out

mother of 2 beauitful gir 2 kids; Tennessee 234 posts
May 28th '13

There are days where I think he wants to get help and then there are days where he acts like he don't give a crap anymore. There's also days I want to be with him and there area days i don't. Mostly I don't want to be with him. I have so much anger built up for him I just don't want him no where near me anymore