Stacy Jones999 Due August 9; Memphis, Tennessee 1 posts
Jun 17th '13

I only gained 12 pounds my last doctor's visit was at 28 weeks and I'm due Aug 10:D!!!!!!!!! and feel a whole lot bigger.

laurenharrvey Due August 26 (boy); Japan 1 posts
Jun 18th '13

This is my first baby. I'm 30 weeks today. My little man is due 27th of August and I've gained 16 pounds! (Was 9st before I got pregnant, now just over 10st)

CrEoLeMaMi20 Due August 14 (boy); San Jose, California 3 posts
Jun 20th '13
Quoting Onalee's Mummy:" How much weight have you gained so far? For the first time since falling pregnant I weighed myself yesterday. ... [snip!] ... myself yesterday. I have gained just over 12kg (24 pounds). Seems like a lot to me. I'm 27 weeks tomorrow! Share with me :)"

hello there, im 32 weeks now .. due aug 15th (boy) & my pre- pregnancy weight was 165lbs, im 195lbs now !!! i have 30 lbs already and still have 8 weeks to go !!!wowzers ..... lol

Nancianne Moore Due August 2 (girl); Japan 4 posts
Jun 26th '13

I have gained 50 pounds, and I'm at 33 weeks. I'm due August 15th. I was a little underweight before I got pregnant, and my doctor said my weight gain is okay.

Erikuhhh Due August 19 (boy); Arizona 7 posts
Jul 9th '13

My pre-pregnancy weight was 130 lbs. I have hyperemisis gravidarum pretty bad, and because if it, during my first and second trimesters I lost a LOT of weight. I got down to 112 lbs. But I am doing much better now. Finally passed my pre-pregnancy weight and am at 142.6 lbs and surprisingly... No stretchmarks! Woo :)

Jessalyn Anderson ; 1 child; USA 1 posts
Jul 16th '13

I'm 34 weeks and have only gained 17 lbs. I only gained 19 with my first child, so I wonder how big Im going to be with this one.

Lironah Due January 30; 5 kids; Utah 68 posts
Jul 23rd '13

I hit 36 weeks tomorrow and I'm actually 20lbs lighter than I started. I lost 30lbs during the first two trimesters, and have gained back 10 of it since then. If I'm lucky, I'll be down to the weight I was before my first child after I deliver. Granted, I was no skinny-minnie back then either; I used to play sports with the boys and could toss around 40lb bales of peat moss.

Charlotte'sMom. 1 child; Bowling Green, Kentucky 1 posts
Aug 2nd '13

I am 36 weeks today, due August 30th. I had a Dr. appointment yesterday and said I had gained about 31 pounds. I am having a baby girl! (: