How good or bad was your.. Ari-TTC. TTC since May 2012; 2 kids; Oregon 16 posts
May 26th '13

Implantation?! What color was yours how long did u have it how did u feel ect.
TIA :)

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
May 26th '13

Never felt it, bled, etc.

Live-Laugh-Love TTC since Aug 2017; 3 kids; Kitchener, ON, Virgin Islands 9619 posts
status May 26th '13

I had implantation spotting at 8dpo with my second. It was just a couple spots of red blood and that was it. Two days later I woke and the smell of bacon and eggs made me want to throw up.

J+B=Z&L ♡ 2 kids; Pensacola, Florida 5968 posts
May 26th '13

Mine was like a really light period, barely even needed a liner. Just some blood when I wiped. And very mild cramping for like...a day. But that's it.

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
May 26th '13

I didn't have anything that would have signsled implantation

S♡J=Malachi 1 child; 3 angel babies; Florida 3278 posts
May 26th '13

I didn't have any bleeding

PT+3♀ TTC since Jan 2014; 4 kids; 6 angel babies; Melbourne, VI, Australia 223 posts
May 26th '13

Mine was like a light period for 2 days and on the 3rd day it just stopped completely. I didn't have any cramping or whatsoever though, just light period and spotting which covered about 2 fulled night time pads. Well I usually would have my period for 7 days so when it stopped at 3 days it'd raised my suspicion. The next day I went to the local pharmacy and bought a clear blue pregnancy test and it came out positive... was a real surprised to me & my DH 'cos we didn't expect for me to fall pregnant so early since I'd just gave birth to our 3rd daughter 3 and a half months ago. Why don't you take a pregnancy test and see how it goes from there... if it's BFN and you're still worrying about it then go to your dr and have it check out.

Minion 3 kids; ., GA, United States 21802 posts
May 26th '13

Mine was horrible, pain wise. I didn't realize what it was and thought I would need to go to the ER because I thought it was kidney stones or something.
I spotted a tiny bit, but nothing major.

Elena Gilbert 4 kids; La Center, KY, United States 2730 posts
May 26th '13

with my 3rd i has about as much pain and blood as a period. i didnt even know i was pregnant until i went to my ob for a yearly a couple of days after bleeding. and got a BFP with urine and blood test. hes a healthly 3 year old now.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
May 26th '13

I've been pregnant 5 times and never noticed implantation. I don't think most women do.

Homer Simpson Springfield, OH, United States 5063 posts
May 26th '13

I bled on and off for 2 days right when my period was due so I didn't think anything of it. It was reddish blood, maybe a little lighter than normal. When it suddenly stopped I waited a few days to see if it would come back and when it didnt I tested and got a strong positive. I went to the doc next day and she confirmed I was already 6 weeks along. :D