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When you went into labor Cordelia's Mom 33 kids; Bakersfield, California 3685 posts
May 24th '13

Did you know it was coming (pressure, increasing BH, etc) & besides being close to your due date or was it a complete surprise when the contractions came/water broke?

sugarpie_hunnibunch Due December 7; Japan 83 posts
May 24th '13

I was already verdue ; no signs of anything going on and when i was 2 days overdue i woke up to use the bathroom and my waterbroke.

MomNextDoor 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8351 posts
May 25th '13

I just KNEW I had all the signs of the beginning stages of labor... and nothing. Lol.

Stephany....❤ 2 kids; KEENE, NH, United States 3165 posts
May 25th '13

It Was almost 3 weeks before my due date so going into labor early surprised me lol

Lizzie+2 6 kids; Brazil 26640 posts
May 25th '13

I just felt the need to push.. And it started getting more and more frequent and intense. I thought we should go to l&d just to make sure i wasnt in labor lol. i got to the hospital I was already 9cm and then I started feeling the horrible painful contractions.

A, G, O & L's Mom 4 kids; Michigan 1633 posts
May 25th '13

Looking back I should have realized something was going on both times. I didn't want to eat. I felt sick and was really tired. But, both times I just thought those symptoms were related to something else. But, for both my labors my symptoms mirrored each other. My second was a big surprise because I had my 39 week appointment and they told me I wasn't at all dilated and it would probably be 2 more weeks since I was late with my first. 12 hours later I barely got to the hospital in time. I was pushing the second I got in the door.