Child Birth - Worries and Concerns mommabyrd Due August 27; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Niagara Falls, New York 115 posts
May 22nd '13

Okay, so I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my family finds it a little strange that I'm not scared about the pain of child birth. I really just look at it like, it is what it is and it's the final step until I have my precious baby boy! I'm more concerned with other things and I was wondering if it was normal to feel that way. I'm really scared that something will happen to me during childbirth, so bad in fact that I want to have a conversation with my DH about how often I would like him to include my family in our sons life in case I'm not here to be apart of it. I feel like I will start cry immediately. Also I'm terrified of giving birth to a still birth or something happening where the baby doesn't make it. We've have already decided that saving me AND the baby is the number one priority. We've been trying to conceive for 5 years and I've had 2 miscarriages, and we want to do the parenting thing together no matter what. I feel very guarded.

We've already completed a set of birthing classes to become more comfortable and we're very open about the expectations of what will happen. DH is very open to hearing about my concerns and he's very supportive throughout this whole pregnancy.

What else can I do to make myself not have this anxiety towards the possible "dangers" of childbirth. The pain, I'm not really scared, it's everything that can go wrong that scares the crap out of me. Anything you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Bekkir91 Due July 28 (boy); 17 kids; United Kingdom 101 posts
May 22nd '13

I'd research your hospital and make sure you have total faith in the doctors looking after you.