what does your parenting plan look like? SuperSecret123 Japan 220 posts
May 21st '13

I'm just curious, what does your parenting plan look like? visitation, child support, big decisions for children... thanks in advance!

Ƥinkƴ 34 kids; 2 angel babies; Madagascar 23789 posts
May 21st '13
krystal lee ♥ Due October 4 (boy); 1 child; 3 angel babies; New Jersey 2410 posts
May 21st '13

So and I just broke up 2 days ago, so right now we are trying to figure it all out

Jenny&Boopy Due July 29 (twins); 3 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9737 posts
May 21st '13

My ex had DS three weekends each month from September-May (thursday night through sunday night) and two weeks each month from June-August. During the school year he is responsible for getting DS to and from school on his Fridays. We each have to drive one way, so typically he picks DS up at the beginning of his time and I pick DS up when his time is over and bring him home. Neither of us can move out of state without the other's written consent. Holidays are rotated yearly.

He pays $200 a month plus extra to cover his arrears. If DS has medical bills over $500 he must pay half.

I make any big decisions regarding DS because my ex is an idiot, otherwise he'd have a say.

mom2andrew&carter 18 kids; Leesburg, Florida 2159 posts
May 21st '13

right now my ex has been getting them either thursday night or friday morning and brings them back saturday afternoon. I have started the child support process over 2 months ago and still havent heard anything from them yet, but for the last few weeks he has been giving me 50 dollars a week which isnt much but its something for now until the child support goes through. usually i make all the big decisions since i have them the majority of the time but if its serious enough we would discuss it and make the right decision together.