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May 21st '13

7:00 arrival
9:00 got all testing done blood work and I..
11:00 started feeling little contractions
12:00 contractions are painful asked for epi
1:00 Dr. checked me im at 4 and she broke my water finding she has pooed inside, so instead of seeing mommy right when born she has to see pediatrician to make sure she didn't swallow marconium
1:30 got epi.
Right after epi they couldn't find babies heart beat and my blood pressure went way down, 6 or 7 doctors came running I could see uncertainty on their faces they couldn't find her hear beat I could hear the emergency announcement over the loud speaker, I started balling I had no idea what was going on and the drs weren't saying anything. Finally they put a wire thing up my vag to hear her heartbeat through her head and everything was fine... Just scared everyone
2:00 fully dialated but had to wait for pediatrician (feeling SLOT) of pressure at this point
2:30 pediatrician arrived and sets up to check baby for marconium at her birth
3:00 ish got the ok to push
I pushed twice and her head was out, the Dr could see how big her head was so she pulled the rest of her out because she though her shoulders would get stuck
3:04 Jayda is born weighing 10 1/2 lbs and 22 inches long I got a 2ND degree year 2 stitches, not bad at all :)
All the drs were surprised how big she was and how quick the induction went!
She is such a good baby and breastfeeding like a pro!
I wish I could post some pics but all I have is my phone but my my profile pic on here is my son giving her a kiss that the only one I could post! Thanks for reading!!