terbutaline questions. Tisa Cameron 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Douglasville, Georgia 476 posts
May 20th '13

ok so i had 3 shots of this to stop labor last night. im just curious if you had these shots, did you have contractions the next day? and when did you end up delivering?

ive had a few contractions, very far apart and nowhere near consistent so im not worried about them as of this very moment.

MommyCaroline 1 child; California 20005 posts
May 20th '13

I had it once in the hospital around 37 weeks... I WILL NEVER GET THAT SHIT AGAIN!!!!!!!! I couldn't talk, I felt like my heart was going to explode, and like I had to fly around the room like a hummingbird. :? They said it was all normal reactions, but at least the contractions stopped. Oyvey... I went in because I had no felt her move at all that day, even after doing some of the tests they suggested. I also had some red spotting. They hooked me up when I got there, and apparently I was having contractions, even though I couldn't feel them. So they gave me the shot.

They did send me home with the pill version, but I refused to take it. I just put myself on bedrest, drank a ton of water, and kept the house cool and dimly lit. I ended up delivering her ON her due date! :)

Ivana, VBA2C success! 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 6834 posts
May 20th '13

I had it with both of my previous pregnancies and the consistency of the contractions stopped, but they were still coming a few times every day. I delivered the first at 40 weeks, the second was a RCS at 39 weeks.

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3473 posts
May 20th '13

I've had that shot this time 3-4 xs since 28wks. I have the pill form too. I'm now 38wks so no baby yet. Yes it'd stop the contractions and about 2 days later they'd start up again. I've been 2.5cm dilated since 32wks. And the contractions were 1-2 mins apart majority of the time. If ur cervix isn't changing no worries. I've now been 4-5 min contractions for 3 days straight but again, not dilating and bc I'm past 36wks they won't stop them. Yay. My midwife only had me take the shot/pill until 36wks. After that the effectiveness isn't worth it. Yep makes ur heart race, u feel jittery, and the shot burns like heck. Pill form isn't nothing like that. It never made me jittery or my heart race.