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May 20th '13
Quoting Tay L:" If they didn't work, I wouldn't be using the product! Nice logic though. You can't post pics from your ... [snip!] ... the bigger/more stretch marks you have, it takes longer for results. Just like working out, takes more time to see results.)"

That's great! Obesity being an epidemic in the US, doctors must prescribing these right and left in lieu of diet and exercise.

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 18492 posts
May 20th '13
Quoting Tay L:" well if you have, then sorry YOU didn't have the results you wanted. You probably didn't use them right ... [snip!] ... than it would someone smaller. For instance i've seen people only use one or two wraps, only wraps and have major results!"

Maybe she has a liver. I bet she does.

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May 20th '13

The wonder fix for lazy people

Jennifer C Smith Japan 1 posts
Oct 2nd '13

;Quoting Tay L:</b>" If you notice that was about ME!! Not my friends ... [snip!] ... in a week."</blockquote> Im 240 just because you sell wraps doesnt mean you know shit about health and fitness"</blockquote>

Agreed selling wraps def does not make you an expert on health and fitness. Though I didnt hear her say she knew "shit" about health and fitness.

You with your mean spiteful WRONG comments Prove you in fact know nothing about health and fitness. As well as these other women,with their comments, equally show their class and ignorance.

I like the "fat cells divide they dont shrink" moronic statement..and then make fun of this poster..for stating the truth.

Thats ALL THAT fat cells do....they never go away you have a certain amount of fat cells they get larger when you store excess fat and smaller as fat is converted...

Fat is converted into two waste ...this is where water comes in..when fat is not used for energy it is leaves the body.You need water in your system to facilitate the breakdown of fat. Water is the vehicle used to remove waste from your body..hence water equals faster weight loss.and it isnt water weight...stopping drinking alot of water does not make the fat come back thats been expelled from your body...yal have a brain...use it...before you start telling people their wrong..

This you just lost water weight BS is scientificaly ridicolous!

I ran across this forum when I was searching online for a cheaper way to buy these "ladies" ....and I use ladies loosely for some of its not water weight.. your body from what we eat and consume...whats in the air we breath...causes toxins in your body..the water you drink...and fyi..they only say one bottle while your wrapping helps to flush these toxins out.try getting in a hydromachine...its like a tanning bed but it steams the water puddled in the bottom..its brown...the machine is heating your body opening pores and you sweat them out..its soap..inpurities that have gotten in your go back the next day..the water in the bottom is clear.because you purged the toxins the day before.., you have toxins in your skin..your organs...ever heard of a liver detox...removes toxins..helps your body work better easier quicker...detox (toxins?)

I dont sell these but my friend started selling them and I said ..ok..ill try it....with the same enthusiam as ok ill buy some of your avon.

Unlike the poster....who I give kudos to for keeping her cool against such...nasty and downright mean comments...unlike her ill show my pictures..

And unlike her who from what I can read was just telling her experience.....I do believe that I do know SHIT about health and fitness

Im 37 two kids ..ive had a trainer for most of my adult life..3 yrs ago I started crossfit..I do cf 6 days a week and it is hands down the hardest workout ive ever done I still think I might die each day. We run miles..we back squat.dead lift box jumps pullups climb 20 foot ropes..power clean etc ..and its not light my deadlift is 205 one workout we may run a mile 40 deadlifts 50 pullups and run another.0 mile.I also compete in my states and others..

I have from Crossfit, a six pack..that in 35 years never even one little bump from trainer and the gym...its the best workout hands down...if you want to get fit

But I could never get rid of cellulite...I finally had chalked it up to genetics..

I had it on side of my legs and butt and all the way back of kneee...I saw def improvement after one wrap...wrapped sunday..then tues..then cellulite is almost entirely gone and u cant see my stretch marks at all..the skin looks so smooth..almost back to my legs of highschool before babies..

So IT DOES WORK PERIOD....these wraps did in5 days what clean diet and a vigiours crossfit workout could not achieve in THREE YEARS..

And one of you said..doctors should be prescribing it..if its so great...I think they damn sure should...I pay 150 a month crossfitting...I could wrap and save money and not kill myself.

Tay..I agree they are awesome...... I have no clue how some woman that is admittedly 240lbs could chastise you on your knowledge on anything health or fitness related...

I really hope this is not a "support" weight loss forum...BECAUSE yal suck at it...looks more like a forum for bitter, mean, ignorant naysayers. You women treated the poster dispicably and you should be embarrassed period.., God FORBID ..not one comment of encouragement...this is a baby im assuming you have or are about to have kids...I truly hope you women dont pass on you self loathing and flat cruelty to your kids.

"A fix for lazy people" another asinine statement..I know some that use it for stretch marks...some to tighten loose skin...u know from childbirth.? Id say to the 240 lb woman that talks about us lazy people and..who knows her fitness "shit"

That your a moron...the others witches assuming your the leader....SMH at mean ass spiteful woman