Does anyone have Babies R Us Coupons?!? Tricia♥ [+4Boys] 4 kids; Indiana 5818 posts
May 19th '13

It would reallllly help me out. I would need to use it online, and I'm buying a stroller. I'm looking for a 20% off or anything I can use on a stroller. Pleaaase. :)

Nicola. 2 kids; Manton, MI, United States 13426 posts
May 19th '13

What stroller? We were going to get our travel system from babies r us but found it for 45 dollars cheaper from Evenflo instead. You may have already checked, but if not I would check other places prices first. Babies r us is usually always more expensive.

Rebekah Garden x3 Due October 5 (boy); 33 kids; Fall River, Massachusetts 5223 posts
May 19th '13

The top one says 15% off any regular priced item! :) hope it works!

✰ Boo ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2670 posts
May 19th '13


Then type in the store name you're looking for coupons & codes to in the top search bar. Also, check around, places like Target & Walmart (even check Amazon) are usually $10+ cheaper on stuff from what I've found...obviously not with everything, but even small stuff like sunscreen I find they're about $2 cheaper on. BRU really seems to jack up all their prices so they can turn around and claim all these 'great sales/deals' when really you're only getting it for what it costs elsewhere (or still paying more than elsewhere) when it's on sale.

GL♣PC♥BC 3 kids; Destin, FL, United States 9408 posts
May 20th '13

I could only find a 15% off