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May 20th '13
Quoting Alyssa Marie Smith:" <blockquote><b>Quoting carmenisa:</b>" Poor thing. I don't really know how it feels ... [snip!] ... that tho my ob is great i will never give birth at the hodpital were i get my prenatal are again (Madigan Army Medical Center)."

it sounds like the hospital is at fault..
the hospital i went to let me sit on the pit for almost 4 days stalled at 3.
it was scary. and my epi didnt take right and the put me wide awake on the OR table still able to feel pretty much everything.

If i was you.. i would go somewhere els and get a different OB.
if you go to the same place you are more likely to have the same thing happen again.

Ames Lou Andrews Due November 10; 3 kids; United Kingdom 2 posts
May 20th '13

Quoting Alyssa Marie Smith:" I am TERRIFIED of having another vaginal birth. Because of what happened with my first my OB thinks i ... [snip!] ... help in the decision ots n several months.....idk i dont know what to do or if i will ever get over being scared of childbirth."

i had a c sectin 2nd time and 3rd baby shoulders got stuck this time im going alll hog and doing natural birth this time its up to you your the one givivng birth good luck :)

Alyssa Marie Smith Due December 1; 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 193 posts
May 20th '13

Madigan has a excellent ob clinic. plusi dont have the gas or time to travel to tacoma for prenatal visits. and lab and everything (including theantenatal diagostic clinic is on the tgird floor across the birth center). My ob is great had her my last weeks with Ben. as a spouse she says i ha e the right to go to aboter hospital for birtg. i will just need my medical records several weeks prior then be ready to go. tho if i go to az this fall i will have to get them earlier. the clinic is great the l and d not so much. the week before ben was born they said i had a kidney stone. went in a week later at one am. back was killing me and i passed bloody show. turns out i was probably in labor a whole week dilating very slowly....morons. in any case im happy with my ob just dont wanna give birth at the same hospital if i can help it.