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May 18th '13

So my plan today is to grab a pregnancy test just to make sure I am not pregnant (I don't think so but I figure I will be extra sure.) and then order Vitex, Diindolymethane, and licorice supplement. The licorice and Diindolymethane is to hopefully lower my testosterone levels and I will be getting spearmint tea as well because that is supposed to help with those levels too. I am also going to be taking B6 and either womens one a day or prenatals. (Anyone know which one of those would be better to take?)
Does this sound good or does it sound like I am going to kill myself with vitamins?

mmmc15 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Wyoming 708 posts
May 18th '13

Take extra folic acid with your B-6 helps it absorb. I started it this cycle and have had success with it.