Restless baby? Photo Assassin 67 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 1666 posts
May 17th '13

My son (22 weeks 4 days) has become an acrobat in utero.

He "kicked" me for 3 hours straight yesterday, (in between 3-4 minute intervals), which, normally is a mothers blessing, as you know they're OK, but his feet (I am only assuming since his last position from our previous U/S), dangles towards my bladder/cervix.

After the first 1 1/2 hours, I got to the point where I would attempt to "push" him out of the way or at least get him to move---negative. After the 3 hours, he stopped, (I am assuming he fell asleep finally), though question myself, "Is he annoyed with how I am sitting (I was at work), or was he just bored?"

He went silent (at least to my touch) for about 4-5 hours, when I was at home resting. Fast forward to me going to sleep, and HELLO! He's awake again, kicking in his spot as usual. :( I just wanted to sleep. I rolled on both sides, rolled to my back, and even my STOMACH. Oh, that pissed him off, lol. :twisted:

Needless to say, Momma didn't get any sleep, and guess whos awake too? :?

This baby is definitely new for me, as when pregnant with DD over 5 years ago, I had to get her to kick!

.Jezebel. TTC since Dec 2015; 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 10053 posts
May 17th '13

DS use to get like that as soon as I laid down to go to sleep. It drove me nuts! Haha

jazzzzz* 2 kids; Beverly Hills, California 7558 posts
May 17th '13

My daughter was just like that. This boy how ever is soooooooo freaking lazy maybe wakes up twice a day.

Photo Assassin 67 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 1666 posts
May 17th '13

I always wanted to know what babies think about inside?

You would think someone would be bored just hanging out, with nothing to do then kick and punch and roll. I know I am over thinking it, of course, though I can't help but to think I would be doing inside my Momma!

I have ADD, so maybe he does too? lol

(3)Boys&APrincess Due December 12 (girl); 3 kids; New Jersey 11738 posts
May 17th '13

My second was like that. He was so active in utero.

Dana +4 4 kids; Ontario 951 posts
May 17th '13

My baby has been very active since about 24 weeks or so. He still will move ALL day with 15 minute breaks. And hes been kicking the same spot for months now...I bought a fetal Doppler, but I haven't used it since about 20 weeks because he moves sooooo much. I've just trained myself to ignore it, lol