Good Morning user banned
May 16th '13

Good morning ladies. Time for my morning walk. Hope you are all having a fine and wonderful day!

MonkeyMel 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 26779 posts
May 16th '13

Good morning!! I'm at work but I did have a good work out at the gym before I came in. I haven't done any actual work yet and I've been here for over an hour, so far so good :)

But, I can't get the picture of the squirrel balls out of my head now and it's very disturbing....

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
May 16th '13

Morning :)

I am sitting at home today with a unusual cranky 15 month old, believe me she is never cranky. lol Had her 15 month vax 2 days ago and been cranky and sick ever since. :(