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May 15th '13

Until my appointment at a hospital's weight loss program. They have a center for medical or surgical weight loss. I need to lose about 80-90 pounds.. Never in my life did I think I would get this way. I use to be a size 2! Now i'm a 14-16. I bought size 9 underwear today, and was joking with my mom about how huge they were, and there was no way they'd fit.... They fit pretty well actually :?I weigh 235 pounds. I'm widely built and have big hips so my ideal weight is in the 150s-160s . when I was under that weight, I looked really bad. I'm so incredibly embarrassed in myself. I really hope this program can keep me motivated and help. They might prescribe medications, in which case, i'm all for it. I need to lose this weight, not just for looks, but I feel so unhealthy. I'm also buying Just Dance for my Wii (lol) I really think it will help. I get way too bored with going to the gym.

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status May 15th '13

Look into :) I use it... lately I've been bad, but when I follow it the way you're supposed to, it actually works.

GL at your appt!