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May 15th '13
Quoting DeanJade&Mak's Mom:" ohhhh i didnt even see she was 5 months :oops: prob teeth, maybe gas if shes not burping good... ... [snip!] ... shes not burping good... or u have urself a *Jade Tara* she is overly dramatic for no reason at all :? very Scarlette O'hara..."

Yeah could be gas too seeing as she does have a little trouble bringing it up...and :lol: like her sister!

hobbit* 3 kids; New Zealand 44783 posts
May 15th '13

Isla had colic, she screamed all day every day. Use the 3:3:3 rule. I think it's if they cry 3 x a week or more for 3 or more hours a day 3 weeks in a row then it's likely colic.
There's this stuff called colic calm, and worked a colic powder. Both are good.
It's not likely she has colic though, it dousnt seen like she's distressed enough.
Could be teeth, wind, growing pains.. Could be something else like an ear infection?
Could also be a wonder week, google it, it's spot on for aura :)

~Carole~ Due February 12; 3 kids; Round Rock, Texas 1507 posts
May 20th '13

Maybe tooth coming in?

Bailey&Ashlin's Mum 2 kids; New Zealand 882 posts
May 21st '13

How is she now? :)

Bailey&Ashlin's Mum 2 kids; New Zealand 882 posts
May 21st '13

Have you heard of sleep regression? I t could be that! Read up about it :)