death dreams? Mummy2mygirls Due July 28; 2 kids; United Kingdom 257 posts
May 15th '13

Me and my DH are ttc.. I ovulated on 3rd May..and DTD a few times around this time.
anyway the past week I've had 2 desperate dreams of death to my loved ones.
First dream was about my husband. We knew he was going to die but I couldn't stop it. I was crying throughout the dream.
2nd was about my younger sister. The body was found etc.

These dreams are petrifying me.
I was told by an elderly neighbour dreams of death means pregnancy or birth
Did anyone else have dreams of death or similar and find out they or someone they knew were pregnant? Thanks

P.s I'm also showing ALOT of symptoms

Photo Assassin 67 kids; Louisville, Kentucky 1666 posts
May 15th '13

Hmm, in the 5 times I have been pregnant, I have never had a death dream.

Very ODD dreams, yes, but never death dreams. Though, all "symptoms" are different for each woman.

Baby dust to you and your husband!! We TTC the one we are with now for 4 years, I know the struggle!!