Single Mom advice? G ♥ Love Due January 23 (girl); 16 kids; Florida 144 posts
May 14th '13

So i just found im pregnant and im freaking out just a little. I have the biggest feeling i will end up being a single parent. What are the pros and cons of being a parent? I need some encouraging words.

K.J♥ Due November 4; 2 kids; Russellville, Kentucky 430 posts
May 14th '13

whatever happens in your situation, think for you and your child, don't worry about some coward who runs off (if he does). raising a kid on your own isn't easy by no means, but it makes you a lot stronger and one day a man will come along who will love you and your child like its his own like you deserve.

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
May 14th '13

I like not having to compromise on my parentkng decisions with a partner, I can co sleep, and I love spending time one on one with DS.

But, I do wish his father was in his life. I'm constantly feeling guilty and being hard on myself because I play the role of both parents. But I love my son and I don't even want to imagine what our lives would be like if his father and I were together or co-parenting. It's tough being a solo parent, but its that much more rewarding :)

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1783 posts
May 14th '13

I'm not sure if you meant the pros and cons of being a parent or a single parent. But I will go with what you said. As far as Boeing a single parent its harder but if you have a good support system it helps a lot!

The pros and cons would be a list a mile long so I will just go with the first few things that come to my mind.

Pros: most rewarding job in the world, makes your life feel like it has a true purpose, giving the biggest gift on earth to a human being which its LIFE, the feeling and blessing of being able to hold and feed and nurture a newborn is truly one of lifes greatest gifts, when your child looks up at you and smiles your heart will melt like never before, you get to teach them and mold them and help create this little personality that stems from your love and affection, there are so many more like when they get older and draw you pictures and make you things at school I've always thought that was one if the most rewarding parts of being a mom and there are more but I will leave the list at that

cons: don't get as much time for yourself, it can be very stressful being a mom, risk of ppd, finding childcare and them having to leave your child is hard, and they're expensive.....there are more but I will leave it at that.

Legendary Yo Mama Due January 31 (boy); 12 kids; 724 posts
May 14th '13

I love being a single parent to my little girl. I don't have to share her with anyone and get to make every descison I want and don't have to be on anyone's schedule.
Easy peasy.
The other kid is a different story. Co-parenting makes me want to tear my hair out. Her dad is a effing idiot and he uses me and hurts my daughter.
Single parent with no other parent involment is a walk in the park compared to a "dad" who wants to be involved. At least you know you are doing it alone and don't have the false hope of someone being there for you.
"single" means a ton of things to different people...