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Nicci + 3 3 kids; Sheffield, AL, United States 460 posts
May 15th '13
ElizabethKaitlyn Due September 17; United Kingdom 7 posts
May 15th '13
Quoting MommyOf2[ItsABoy]:" I was worried it could be the umbilical cord making it look like a p***s. "

ohhhh, right i see, i didnt think of it like that. in honesty tthough, it really is a boy in my humble opinion. when i was in my baby boys last scan which was also reveal of gender, she examined the ambilical chord and i thought it was a vagina because of the angle, it definitely looked different to that....i told her i thought i saw a vagina and if we could tell the sex she said lets have a look and when she looked between his legs it looked almost identical to the picture you got, and she was adimant it was a boy, so in my humble opinion you got yourself a little man thatere :) congratulations

Nicci + 3 3 kids; Sheffield, AL, United States 460 posts
Jun 1st '13

Just letting everyone who replied know that we got the official results at my 20 week scan on Wednesday...... :D14kvfqt.jpg

NYLA Love Due October 1 (girl); 1 child; Lawrenceville, Georgia 401 posts
Jun 3rd '13

Awwww I'm glad you had it confirmed. Definitely agreed it was a boy. :)