Heroine. MissMommy04! 4 kids; Eau Claire, Wisconsin 2939 posts
May 13th '13

Has anyone here delt with a heroine addiction? Someone very close to my heart just confessed hes been using for the last 8 months. Hes in jail right now.

Its blood relation, not a boyfriend or anything so yeah.

Hes very young. Im wondering what his chances are for getting out of this? Is it possible to walk away from it and never look back? My heart is hurting so bad, Ive been a mess. I cant imagine anything happening to this person. Any experiences or words of wisdom are appreciated.

mαkαnαni Hogwarts, .., United Kingdom 77283 posts
May 13th '13


He should call a drug hotline.

greenmamabecky☮ TTC since Jul 2013; 18 kids; Enfield, Connecticut 20987 posts
May 13th '13

DH was addicted to heroin for years and years and years.
The first 3 yrs of our relationship even, and the first 2 yrs of his sons life. Luckily last summer he got clean and has never looked back. He is such a changed person.

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
May 13th '13

my SO was a heroin addict for years and was in rehab 8 times before it "stuck" hes been clean 5 years now and runs a chapter of NA locally for 25 and younger. he actually has a retreat coming up this weekend.

i think its something that you will struggle with for the rest of your life but it is definatly possible to become clean. he will always be an addict tho

LA REINA™ New York, NY, United States 16690 posts
May 13th '13

I've had people close to me that were addicted to heroin. Two of them have gotten clean and never looked back. It is a very hard drug to get off of but it is possible with determination, strength, and a good support system to get clean and stay that way.

Malissa & JR 1 child; Pennsylvania 533 posts
May 13th '13

I would just try to talk to him as much as possible about it and tell him your feelings. Maybe try to convince him to go to rehab. He needs positive re-enforcement and hopefully he'll stay away from people that could influence him to do heroin. 3 of my family members were/are Heroin addicts. My uncle overdosed from it 7 years ago and my cousin lost custody of both of her kids because of it. It can really mess up your life. I wish you and your family the best of luck and I hope he can walk away from it!!

BlackVelvet 1 child; 1 angel baby; Aurora, Illinois 4767 posts
May 13th '13

One of my friends sister is. Shes had to be resuscitated three times from ODing on it. Shes on Jail now. Waiting a court date, hoping they either lock her up or throw her in a rehab