6 month old and sitting? bradnshelby2012 1 child; Pennsylvania 243 posts
May 13th '13

y daughter just turned 6 months old on mothers day and she has always been ahead on her milestones but when I try to get her to sit she turns stiff she straightens her legs and just wants to stand or if I get her to sit she throws herself back or falls sideways after a second or two and she hates her bumbo seat its got toys all around it but she just does not like to is there anyway I can get her to like sitting

7 blessings so far.... Due February 3; 6 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 8816 posts
May 13th '13

my 6mo old only likes to sit in her high chair and only if food is involved. Just recently started baby cereal & she has 2 teeth popping through already so she will chew on frozen bagels or hard sourdough pretzels. Other than that she wants nothing to do w/sitting

bradnshelby2012 1 child; Pennsylvania 243 posts
May 13th '13

i was playing around today on fb and had my lg on the floor with me and somebody said to try elmo because she loves elmo so I put the elmos ducks on youtube and she sat by herself and watched the whole thing lol I guess I have to bribe her but it made me so happy just to know her back is strong enough to do it that's what worried me