Crawling before sitting? ❤ ʘlive Oyl 4 kids; 6328 posts
May 13th '13

I had always heard of a kid skipping the crawl stage and going straight to walking. Never heard of crawling before sitting. I am not talking scooting. He is crawling. Anyone's else kid did this? 6 months old btw.

BunnyGirl19 6 kids; 10 angel babies; Oregon 18542 posts
May 13th '13

DS2 did, we think. Well, we never saw him sit for more than a few seconds at a time before rolling and crawling off so we weren't sure if he could sit. He was full-on crawling at 5-1/2 months. I never saw him sit unassisted for more than 5 seconds at a time until a couple days ago and he's 9 months now. Although his ped said if he can crawl he is able to sit so who knows really.

"L" Due May 30; 2 kids; Danville, IN, United States 5927 posts
May 13th '13

my girls both did..they started crawling at 6m and sat somwhere between 7.5m-8m