Sweetest moment user banned
May 13th '13

A year ago January I had a miscarriage (with an ex). Saturday night, I was with my fiance and he noticed that something was off and questioned me about it. I told him that I was just having a rough time knowing that this would have been my first Mother's Day with a baby had things gone different, and, even though I am happy with the path my life has taken, it's just difficult.

For Mother's Day I went out to eat with my parents and my brother, then had to finish an exam for an online class. Afterwords I went to my fiance's for the evening. As I was leaving, he handed me a shoe box and said that he'd gotten me a gift, but wanted me to wait until I got home to open it.

Inside was a stuffed owl (I'm completely obsessed with owls) and the absolute sweetest Mother's Day card. It brought tears to my eyes

I feel so completely blessed to have someone so amazing in my life <3

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May 13th '13

That is so sweet. :D Very touching.