Potty training and messed up bedtime... 3 yr old *Booger Biscuit's Mom* 33 kids; Temecula, California 7301 posts
May 12th '13

My daughter will be 3 in July and we are having a couple of problems, hopefully you ladies can help me out...

Madi will be 3 in July but is at a 18-32 month level developmentally.

First- Up until 2 weeks ago she would go to bed PERFECTLY at 7:30 every night. No screaming or crying... NOW she screams, cries and tries to climb out of her crib. She fell asleep on my bed the other night (we haven't co slept since she was 6 months old). Nothing has really changed, I did get a job a couple weeks ago but she has been going to daycare for months so she is there during the day and doesn't know about my job because I'm there picking her up and dropping her off. Is this a sign we should be getting her a "big girl bed"? I don't think I'll sleep well if I know she can climb out of her bed.

Second- We are needing to potty train her before her 3rd birthday. Not by my choice, but the daycare we are at cannot guarantee her a spot (or me a grant to help me pay for her daycare) if she does not move with her classmates. In order for her to keep getting the grant she needs to be potty trained by 3 years old. We've been trying to help her by bringing her to the potty ever 15 mins to 30 mins but she shows NO interest in the potty and cries most of the time we want her to sit down and try. She has peed at daycare once recently (they help potty train). We've got pull ups and "big girl panties" but she only seems to know when she's gone, but not when she has to go :(

If someone could help with either of these problems I would be very appreciative.