SquirrelyMom 2 kids; Canada, ON, Canada 1565 posts
May 12th '13
Quoting LoveMyBubbaBoy:" Lol! My mom did the same thing! I was the first to ebf though... So they were all sure I was doing it wrong."

yeah exactly, my mom didn't with all 3 of us too....she was also fine with leaving her babies to cry until they went to sleep, whenever I tell her about my problems with my daughter crying when i put her down to sleep, she's just like "oh well, just let her cry, she'll learn" She believes babies can manipulate at 3 weeks old and get spoiled if picked up. I just smile and nod.

Carla +2 {EBF} 2 kids; Carencro, Louisiana 1378 posts
May 12th '13

my baby girl is 3 weeks old tomorrow ... should i be concern ?

Mandi 18 kids; New Mexico 16517 posts
May 12th '13
Quoting Mrs.Carla +2:" my baby girl is 3 weeks old tomorrow ... should i be concern ?"

As long as she doesn't appear to be uncomfortable, and she's having plenty of wet diapers, she's fine! Your milk is regulating (or has regulated) by now, and becoming tailored to her system, so she likely doesn't have any waste. Of course, if you're concerned about her, you should always ask her doctor. But normally it's just that mom's breastmilk is so perfectly suited for baby, that baby's system uses every bit, and there's no waste.

LoveMyBubbaBoy Due October 4; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 3214 posts
May 12th '13
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