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May 13th '13

My husband and I met in Dec 09, started dating Jan 2010, and he pretty much moved in with me after I found out I was prego March 28 2010. We got married this past Jan and have two beauitful baby girls (2 1/2 & 6 months old)

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May 13th '13

We met in September, just casually talking at work... first "date" was 11-18-10. Became an "official" couple on 1-3-11. I moved in on my birthday, 3-1-11. So like 2 months, but honestly, I was at his place nearly every night anyway, we jokingly referred to my apt as "the storage unit". lol Got married on 11-18-11, one year to the day of our first date/kiss. :)
And I have 2 boys from a previous marriage, they were 4 and 5 years old when I moved in. His boys were 6 years and 8 months at the time. We now have a 10.5 month old and I'm 10 weeks pregnant with a surprise depo baby. :)