☮Hippie Jesus☮ 2 kids; West Virginia 10560 posts
May 11th '13

I RUN from bees, wasps, or anything that makes a buzzing noise, really.

♥MOBAS♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 7200 posts
May 11th '13
Quoting LIVE.OUT.LOUD:" So all of my friends and family think its REALLY weird that im almost 22 years old and I have never been ... [snip!] ... of those things. I dont know if im allergic and I dont want to find out. But is it weird that I have never been stung?"

I am almost 33 and have never been stung or bitten. I too am afraid of them.

The Doctor 2 kids; Boulder, CO, United States 60775 posts
May 11th '13
Quoting * MRS KING *:" <blockquote><b>Quoting The Doctor:</b>" I guess it's not that weird. I've been stung ... [snip!] ... shits are a*****es."</blockquote> No joke! Those buggers can bite through clothes, and like to attack in hordes."


Those things I've been bit by. On my forehead, neck, ughhhh. They are dicks. :x