itchy! katxo 18 kids; Florida 7270 posts
May 11th '13

My cat goes inside and outside. It didn't even register with me that I haven't given her any flea medicine. my bad. anyway I finally got some medicine for her and gave it to her two days ago. Tonight my son showed me a flea and I swear to god it's like now I itch everywhere and I feel like I am feeling them and I can't see them! I know my mind is playing tricks on me. I don't wanna let my cat back inside because I don't want my home infested with them. shit. Why didn't I give her medicine sooner? my poor kittie. It's almost like hearing about someone having lice and then all of a sudden you're constantly itching your head lol.

whitneynator 1 child; Iowa 4114 posts
May 11th '13

i recently had cellulits on my thighs and it was so bad i cried and scratched all day. now the tiniest itch on my thigh and i start freaking out and i think its back so i keep scratching it.... ick. its starting now!

b**b Juice Factory. [EBFB 3 kids; Melbourne, Australia 3264 posts
May 11th '13

When you treat your cat for fleas a lot of the time the fleas jump off, and will go all over your house.