Super Mommy! 4 kids; ☺, CA, United States 16069 posts
May 10th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting tinana+2:</b>" Nope, I took my engagement ring off at the altar and my bridesmaid held it! LOL That part was awkward ... [snip!] ... LOL That part was awkward and not thought out. Our wedding was a little catastrophic. We'll have to talk about that one day."</blockquote>

When I got married I switched my engagement ring to my right hand before the ceremony. After the band was placed on my ring finger I later moved my engagement ring back to my left ring finger, after the ceremony, hence the closer to my heart thing and they were in order.

Regina George ♡ 1 child; New York, New York 22314 posts
May 10th '13

Lol during our ceremony we put the wedding band under my engagement ring. I switched it after though, so now it's wedding band then engagement ring.

I've never seen it any other way

♥TwinsRock♥ 2 kids; Buffalo, New York 4471 posts
May 10th '13

I put my engagement ring on my right hand right before the ceremony and then put it back on my left, on top of the engagement ring, after.

Laventure_Adventure 2 kids; Pennsylvania 675 posts
May 12th '13

It all depends honestly. I have seen some women with their engagement ring and then their wedding ring, but I wear my wedding ring first closest to the palm and then my engagement ring. I have to take my engagement ring off because I work in food service, but if I didn't work in food service it would still be the same set up.
I actually had my engagement ring on my right ring finger right before and during the ceremony and moved it over to my left ring finger after the ceremony.