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FanGirl 2 kids; Tennessee 24395 posts
May 10th '13

we don't care either way but if the sheet is clean and can be found, we put it on the bed. lol

oddly enough, i used to lay between mattress and box spring too. usually i was upset and/or crying about something...would fall asleep there. would get bored and hang out there or under the bed.

krystal lee ♥ Due October 4 (boy); 1 child; 3 angel babies; New Jersey 2410 posts
May 10th '13

Always but on crazy wild nights they come off lol

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
May 10th '13

We use the fitted sheet but not the one that goes between the bed and the comforter.

~*~*~*~ ; 1 child; Biteme, ca, United States 1716 posts
May 10th '13

I picked other because I MUST have the fitted sheet, no matter what. I can't under any circumstances have a top sheet though. Luckily DH and I are the exact same on this issue.