Does it hurt to sit in certain positions? Gia Caldera 1 child; Florida 26 posts
Jun 16th '08

Im 21 weeks along and I noticed that I can no longer sit "forward" in my work chair. To be comfortable, I have to sit "back" in a laid back position. It almost felt like I was "smooshing" the baby when I was sitting forward. Am I crazy? Anybody else feel this way?

Ella's mom 1 child; Maryland 280 posts
Jun 16th '08

Its probably since your baby might have disovered your rib cage.

My little girl discovered my ribs a few weeks ago, and loves to put her feet up, I literally have to push her to get her to move!

Gabby311 3 kids; Hilton Head Island, 13998 posts
Jun 16th '08

Yes, then after 30 wks its so hard to get comfy to go to sleep. Then the last 4wks, its almost impossible to sleep a full night.

Jbucci 2 kids; New York 791 posts
Jun 16th '08

Im only 18 weeks and i feel the same way. I'm a painter and after awhile of leaning in my belly has had enough.

*auzzysgirl* Due October 31; 2 kids; Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, Quebec 4804 posts
Jun 16th '08

Well I'm 37 and a half weeks pregnant and it's pretty much uncumfortable to sit in ANY positions! It hurts when I sit forward because I can't bend whatsoever, it hurts when I sit laid back because it feels like my rib cage is litterally opening up! And my back hurts like crazy...I'm just uncumfortable all over...:(

Jenplus2 2 kids; Henderson, Nevada 889 posts
Jun 16th '08

I'm only 12 weeks and have to sit all day and it kills me! My right butt cheek just aches all day long and then I find that it goes numb too. Everything about my back hurts. My work doesn't know I'm pregnant yet, so I can't bring in any pillows to help. So not fun!