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May 10th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Brittany&Ethan:</b>" My son received his diagnoses the same day as well. I always knew that he was different. Here are some ... [snip!] ... M.D. "Empowered Autism Parenting" by William Stillman You can look up online for support groups in your area if you want too."</blockquote>

My son is Ethan too! Coincidence :)

Thanks so much I will look into that after I get done with the booklet he gave me.

And, I just have to brag.. E decided to start using a fork during meals!!! That was something we were going to work on in OT and he just all of a sudden asked for one night before last! I know its a small thing but thats huge for us! I havent gotten him to use a utensil other than for pudding(or a couple tries) since before he was 2!