libido vitamins Nicole:) 2 kids; Texas 473 posts
May 7th '13

So I was in gnc and cam across some vitamins for women sex drive its for women with low libido, its says it can increas it. Now I've been suffering with this since my 1st son over 4 yrs ago and can't get it back for 2yrs wasn't on birthcontrol and no drive even worse after my 2nd son was born. I haven't purchased them yet I want to see if anyone has tried them and what results did u get?

Angel Jeter Due July 12 (girl); 17 kids; Benton, Illinois 40 posts
May 10th '13

I need those too!! My sex drive use to be fine but in the last 2 years has went way down! I thought it was because of my BC so I quit taking them (thats how Im 30w6d prego). It didnt help.