Can't believe it! ivalilly 1 child; Kansas 603 posts
May 7th '13

I just can't believe I am almost 37 weeks and get to meet my little girl so soon :) I'm so excited because my cousin should be home from the navy and shouldn't be leaving (hopefully) until he gets to meet her (he leaves June 4th). I'm so excited and scared at the same time to be a new mommy!

A little off-topic: I am having a growth scan done Friday. What does this usually entail? I know it's a sonogram, but what kind of information do they give you? Do they kind of determine a birth plan from there, like if they are able to deliver naturally without inducing or if they have to do a C-Section? Just curious! I always forget to ask questions at my appointments and he is so quick, in and out of the door.

Lilitha mom to 2 TTC since Jan 2014; 1 child; 2 angel babies; United Kingdom 365 posts
May 7th '13

a growth scan is really just to measure the baby to make sure its still developing at a good rate and they will give you an estimated weight for the baby. they might advise you on either natural birth or c-section depending on baby's developmet. i made a birthing plan for my labor as my midwife was useless, with a birth plan you can say what you do or dont want and the doctors will follow your plan unless there are complications in which case they'd do whats best for baby and you.

ivalilly 1 child; Kansas 603 posts
May 7th '13

Yeah, the hospital has my birth plan already! :) Thank you!