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May 8th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Destiel:</b>" I don't know about there but here you can't just be a midwife, you have to get your RN first and then ... [snip!] ... definitely get my RN as well ... only because it means you have a greater amount of skills to draw upon in all circumstances."</blockquote>

No and the school I would go to is Meac accredited...its 3 years...compilation of online, work shop classes, and apprenticeship.
Majority of birth centers in Texas are run and even owned by CPM's.

It seems like an awesome school and afterwards I would take a state exam to be a Licensed midwife then go on to get my certification to be a CPM too....something that cnm's practicing at free standing birth centers and home births would also want additionally...tho I don't think they would take the 3 year schooling to get it.

I want both ideally its just which route first? My CPM then my RN or my CNM? I am afraid of not having enough time with my kids either route too.

Mama Lizzy :] 1 child; Texas 5575 posts
May 8th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Evil Dr.PorkChop:</b>" In some states you have to be a CNM, I know in my state you have to anyway. Also in my state CNM's cant ... [snip!] ... without a license. It sucks because I am also studying to be a CNM and I want to do homebirths, but I cant in this state."</blockquote>

There is actually a CNM who owns a birth center in my town who does both hospital births and births at her FSBC basically if you need medical intervention she can transfer with you and remain your care provider....pretty badass ....she is one of two who can do this in the country tho

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May 9th '13
Quoting Sly Saffy:" You do realize how expensive the insurance is for midwives, right? It's astronomical. I'd go with option ... [snip!] ... the insurance to be attending home births. It makes me wonder how many home birth midwives are operating without insurance. :?"

Here I don't think it's required that they have insurance. I went to a meet up with a lot of midwives to talk to representatives about a bill attempting to be passed that would require them to have insurance and a lot of them were talking about how they have to tell their clients before hand that they do not have insurance.