I want to go back to work Rhia Leigh 33 kids; Massachusetts 1316 posts
May 6th '13

We don't want to put LO in daycare until she is a bit older. SO and my mom both won't watch LO for me to go back to work because they say she'll cry and they can't deal with it. I am so frustrated. LO is a happy, easy baby and I know she does cry without me but I have a hard time believing she's inconsolable every time I leave because she's usually pretty distractable. We could really use the money I could make from going back to work a couple nights a week. I really wish someone was willing to help me with her. Even if she does cry, eventually she would learn to get more comfortable with me being gone for a little bit. -sigh- just needed to vent I guess.

☮Sugar Magnolia 1 child; Indiana 18298 posts
May 6th '13

Do you have a close friend you can pay to babysit?