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May 7th '13

When I visited my Dad on the weekends I often had friends stay the night. It would have sucked if not. I would try to keep that in mind when making decisions like that, although yes, I naturally feel more weary of men in general, married or otherwise, since I was molested while sleeping over at a friends house when I was 9, and it wasn't even one of the parents, it was the girls' Uncle. Unfortunate that it happened to me, and I can't help but feel extremely cautious of any man around my children, and because that happened to me sleepovers are going to be, well, TBH, idk when I'll feel comfortable sleepovers. They're so little now it's hard to imagine letting them go ANYwhere without me, maybe when they are older that will change and I will work on in when the time comes to let go of some of my fears about it. But whether it is a single man or married couple or single mom, it will be scary for me either way.

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May 7th '13
Quoting Teenage Girl:" <blockquote><b>Quoting kacti:</b>" My BF since Kindergarten was raised by her father, ... [snip!] ... over where there is a single father. Cause I know what it can turn into."</blockquote> :shock: Did your friend know?"

Not at first... she walked in on us one night... and was MAD!!!! In fact it got really awkward, cause she would barely speak to me, but I would still sleep over at her house.... with her dad. That was bad, bad!