how in the... ameillia Due June 26; 2 kids; Winnsboro, Texas 355 posts
May 4th '13

How in the hell am I supposed to be on bed rest if I can't sit or lay down without being in pain? Contracting with back and hip pain from hell. What am I supposed to do? UGH. By far the worst pregnancy I've had

waiting for 7/29/13 1 child; Haymarket, Virginia 416 posts
May 4th '13

Try lots and lots of pillow under the belly between the knees.. everywhere basically. When my back pain starts up I lay on the couch cuz the bed makes it worse. Hope you find something that works

B&Js Mommy 2 kids; Plains, Montana 877 posts
May 4th '13

i dont have any advice but i am very sorry to hear this. bed rest is so not fun. hope things get better for you very soon.