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May 4th '13
Quoting Jas ♥:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Now and Forever:</b>" Okay, but I'm not just saying something ... [snip!] ... Sure, she can't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do but she can control her actions which can, in result, help him."

True. Wasn't really thinking of that at the moment.

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
May 4th '13
Quoting Asher and Haddie's Mommy:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Now and Forever:</b>" Based on what she's describing. I'm assuming ... [snip!] ... indicated a problem. My husband has takes no issue in telling me what's in his drink.... Because he knows its not a problem."

What do I know about addiction? :roll:
Uhm, lets see. My dad has been an alcoholic for what? Almost my whole life now!!

We all assume differently, by her being so surprised, and using the term LATELY I'm assuming, it hasn't been MONTHS but maybe a few days, a week.

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May 4th '13

By lately I mean the past month.
And I'm still coherent and able to care for my kids.
he's not.

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May 4th '13
Quoting Jas ♥:" You are both under the influence, stop making excuses. Two parents in the house, neither of them sober and there's a child awake. Not responsible, no matter how many ways you try to flip it."

oh stfu and get off your high horse.

there was a point in time very recently when i could not wait to put the kids to bed so i could drink. and im a recently single mom so it was just me. and id drink a whole bottle of wine. a night. yes a whole bottle, sometiems the BIG whole bottles. and i was still functioning enough to care for my kids, change my sons diaper in the middle of the night, make him a bottle, etc. people handle stress differently. is it the BEST way? of course not, but its hardly child abuse. shes online and typing legibly. its not like shes smashed.

I Stab People 3 kids; Zambia 6604 posts
May 4th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Jas ♥:</b>" <blockquote><b>Quoting I Stab People:</b>" oh stfu and get off your high horse. ... [snip!] ... of my children? Well ok, I'll glady accept that. Who said it was child abuse? LMAO. I said it was irresponsible which it is."</blockquote>

She is obviously capable of proper speech I don't see a mess of typos in her posts

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May 5th '13

I was actually thinking about posting about this myself, and saw this one already. I'm having the same issue, except for the fact that I do not drink. What the main post said though applies to me as well: my husband provides for us...but he drinks and lately been drinking more. Like I said, I do not drink, and I don't like him setting that kind of example around our kids. I've started telling him he will sleep on the couch when he's been drinking. I don't really think that will make him stop...

what would you do?

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May 5th '13

I feel for you, I really do.

He needs to seek help for himself and you need to get him to do it. I wouldn't recommend it but I gave my husband an ultimatum: Booze or me and the kids. I wasn't going to raise my children with an alcoholic father.

Once he gets help (and NOT says. Saying is different than doing), dump every form of drinkable alcohol in the house. Mouthwash needs to be alcoholic free. Hand sanitizer needs to go or be alcohol free. Dump out any wine, beer, spirits etc. Make your house into a dry house. NO alcohol will be allowed on your property.

And it sounds like he's self medicating. If he's stressed, he's probably dealing with anxiety and self medicating for it. I'd also maybe nudge him into seeing a therapist to talk about why he drinks and what he can do to replace alcohol with something healthier and more productive for him.

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May 6th '13

My husband has been a binge drinker for a few years, he slowed down ALOT when I first met him and when we got pregnant with our 1st. I knew when he did drink he'd go overboard but it didnt happen that often so I didnt worry about it. Then after our daughter was born, its like he became overwhelmed and started going out more often and would drink to pretty much blackout point. He would always tell me its cause he hardly gets out so when he does he "does it up"... I couldnt take it anymore, He'd come home super late or I guess early in the morning (3-4 am) or would call me at those hours to go pick him up and that he missed me and wanted to just come home.. Ive had to pick him up pregnant (with our 2nd) and this last time was the ender for me.. I had to pack up my 2 year old and 3 month old to go pick his stupid drunk ass up. I told him when he sobered up that he needed to make a choice and figure out what he wanted in his life cause I as over this crap he was doing to me. His friend told him how big of a douchebag he was being and that he was super disrespectful towards me and that it was cool. HUGE wake up call for my husband and he's quit drinking since :) Over 3 months sober (which is really good for him), he still has his weak moments but he always looks back at that last time and remembers why he isnt drinking anymore:)