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May 3rd '13

Am I doing right or wrong?
Sorry long story...i dunno how to react...ok so my parents came here for my delivery to usa , I have tried my best for them to stay comfortably in my home (i disconnected tv channels that i watch and put channels they watch, we arranged maid once in a while so they will not have trouble washing dishes) recently i sent my parents to my cusins place (they wanted to visit her sister in some other state) from the moment they came from there my mom has been continuously talking (more like comparing) about my cusin that she bought things shopped for my mom, took csre of them really well etc, which is good n i am happy for her.

But its like my cusin n her mom calls everyday many times and curious about my pregnancy and other things, about my husband etc.

My mom kinda started giving too much importance to them by telling every single info about my health and today when my cusin called on my cellfone i gave the fone to my mom(which obviously they want to chit chat with my mom as usual about gossiping n other stuff) and i assumed they called for my mom and i gave fone to my mom. and while they are talking i told my mom to give my cellfone once and i gave her another fone and dialed my cusin's number and let her talk from other fone. My mom reacted so so loud and yelling at me and totally concerned about my cusin and telling me its not good i took the fone away and she says my cusin might have felt bad etc etc she says she wont come again to me and she got so hyper and she is like she will go back that n this.

she wanted to skip food so i told her to come n eat and also told that they dont have to wait for me o tell to eat everyday. thats it she stopped eating and again over reacted saying thats it ...i wont stay here i dont need anyone, i will go back and there is no relationship between u n me huh. she is like blaming herself that ya everything is my mistake and i am bad and i will leave huh i told her sinc eu are not eating u dont have to cook for me , she says ok i will leave and want me to call someone who keep their mouth shut and do things for me..oh god i am very close to my due date and she is not talking instead having my dad ask me on her behalf.

Additional Details
i am panic n tensed as i am getting induced in couple of days and this is an additional stress. Am I doing right or being rude to my parents. she thinks i am restricting on everything, i personally told her call and talk to whoever she wants to . i infact gave fone personally and let her talk to her friends n all, just that i didnt want her to share about my health details until i deliver with my cusin.

Now my mom is being stubborn not talking to me and this adding more stress. She says its better we dont talk and my dad says talk to mom huh Am I doing right or wrong?

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May 3rd '13

Didn't you already post this?

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May 3rd '13

yes but updated some add info