What I have & what I need... WrightsWife Due June 26 (boy); Florida 431 posts
May 3rd '13

I KNOW I am going to forget something, so if you'd like to help me out just let me know if I need more of something I have or if I need something I don't have yet...

(Baby Gear/Furniture)
-Graco Click Connect carseat
-Graco Modes Click Connect stroller
-Graco Pack N' Play playard w/ Newborn Napper
-Wodden Cradle (I know I still need sheets, but is a bumper necessary/safe?)
-Fisher Price SnugaMonkey Cradle and Swing

(Clothes, blankets etc..)
-Too many clothes/outfits (I can't get my MIL to quit buying them. He will never get to wearing more than half of what he has) BUT, we have maybe 5 NB size clothing items.. *What & how much of do I need in NB size?*
-Plenty of socks (do you think the mittens are necessary?)
-Plenty of bibs & burp cloths
-Receiving blankets (8 )
-Soft/Minky blankets (5)
-Thick blanket for tummy time on floor (1)
-Hats (2 regular, 3 NB hats & 1 NB knit beanie)
-all brand Baby Detergent

-Summer Infant Baby Bather seat
-Aveeno Baby bathing gift set (soap, shampoo, lotion, oil..)
-Washcloths (about 5?)
-Hooded Towels (4)
-Grooming Kit (clippers, brush, etc..) also have baby First-Aid Kit.
-Baby Powder

(Feeding *breastfeeding)
-Boppy Pillow
-Mombo Pillow
-Lanolin brand Breast pads & soothies gel pads
-*I don't plan on pumping and feeding with a bottle within the first 6 months, if I end up needing one before then I plan to get a Madela brand pump.. opinions?
-*I do not plan to offer a pacifier within the first 6 months if at all but I do have (4) that I got at my baby shower "just in case"
-Will get Lanolin brand n****e cream/butter
-Will get nursing bras/tops... how many do you recommend?

-I do not have any nursery furniture (crib, dressers, changing table)
-I do not have crib bedding, mobile, or any nursery decor
*Reason being... We will be PCSing (moving to a new military duty station/base) in 6-8 months. The movers provided by the military either do a good job, or a horrrrrible job. I don't want to buy nursery furniture for it to just get nicked, scratched or possibly broken within 6 months of having it. I just plan on using the plastic storage drawers or my dresser/closet until we move.
-I do not have any toys or activity gear yet... recommendations?
-I do not have any safety items yet (gate, outlet guards, etc..) most of these things are on my registry, just waiting to see what I get at my shower before buying. Same goes for small items like toys, books, CD's, diaper pail, sun screen for car window, thermometer). *I do have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors*

I may have forgotten some things... but, have at it!

FarminMomma Due January 31; 1 child; Huntington, West Virginia 672 posts
May 3rd '13

Wait until after delivery to buy the nursing bras too. I went from a b to a d then back down to a c lol!

Blythe. 1 child; Indiana 23001 posts
May 3rd '13

baby tylenol
gripe water or gas drops
butt paste

Kady Due December 28; 5 kids; 1 angel baby; A, TX, United States 3525 posts
May 3rd '13

Diaper Bag
Burp cloths

Just Emily :) 3 kids; Aberdeen, Sd, United States 15303 posts
May 3rd '13

My mom gave me a small can of formula and a single bottle. I thought it was silly cause i was going to breast feed but then I turned out not to make any milk. I was home alone with a newborn and no way of getting out so I was really greatful to have that emergency stash on hand until dh got home. But I had a family history of not being able to breast feed. But that's just my experience.

SquirrelyMom 2 kids; Canada, ON, Canada 1565 posts
May 3rd '13

first, congratz on the baby! soo.....these are things you bought yourself and you still have a shower to come? do you need help with what items to put on the registry list? In any case, you may want a couple regular baby towels, i know the one hooded towel i got was crappy because the material is very thin and wasn't absorbing the water like a regular terry cloth towel...i don't use it anymore. you will want more wash cloths! :) they can be used for wiping bum, spit up, ( i keep one handy at the changetable because my LO used to spit up ALL the time when being changed), also i use 2 cloths at bathtime, one for just the face, one for the rest.

Also, blankets are nice, but for swaddling in my opinion pretty much useless, my girl wriggled out no matter how i wrapped her in them so you'll want some swaddling specific blankets or better still the swaddle things that you just plop their feet in the bottom and velcro their arms up top so easy and hard to wriggle out of!

I too have a graco pack n play with newborn napper, my LO loved the napper and grew too long for it by 2mos :( so now we use the upper level bassinet...not as comfy, had to layer on 2 blankets tucked around the mat. And we used a wooden cradle for livingroom naps, bumper pads not recommended.

Love the swing! we love monkeys :) you may also want a bouncy chair with vibration feature, my girl lives in hers to sit and hang out when not asleep. (she's 4months now)

As for your stuff, I too BF and i have the lanolin breast pads..don;t like them. I had the johnson and johnson ones before and will get those after i use the lanolins. you may like them, but for me i don't like how they absorb, its too wet, squishy and smelly! i don't switch them out everyday to get more use out of them and the J+J ones are better for that and easier to put in my bra and the lanolins are noisier too! i feel like a i have maxi pads on my b**bs!
I only have one nursing specific bra but honestly, it would be good to have at LEAST 2 or maybe 3. if you are frequently washing babies clothes you can toss in your bra, so really you don't need alot. I'm making due with one but i wear it night and day and it gets pretty worn until laundry time.
I have a medela manual pump and i like it. if you won't be pumping alot, then manual is a good choice ( a lot cheaper ) I only use mine to make the occasional bottle, which i haven't done in ages, or pump if i am engorged to ease the pressure or to prevent my supply from dropping if she hasn't eaten in while.

toys are n't too necessary yet to buy, but if you are getting it as gifts then its nice to have a few stuffed animals, a rattle, teether toys, i have this "blanket buddy" thing that is a little soft blankie with a stuffed bear head on it..easy for her to grab and hold and snuggle :)

newborn stuff is tricky and i didn't get any as gifts so i bought one sleeper for the hospital, and a few 0-3 mos sleepers and a few newborn onesies. We used 2 packs of newborn diapers and could have bought a 3rd but went to size 1 and just folded the top down to make them fit better. oh and i found mittens useful here and there, trying to cut baby nails is super stressful! I cut her skin twice i felt like crap. I wouldn't bother with a diaper pail, just get a regular garbage pail. I have one that has a flip up lid and it holds the bag on tight with clips. its from rubbermaid and it works great.

other than that i think you are good to go!

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
May 3rd '13

Other than what the other ladies said above, you shouldn't need/use the baby powder. It contains carcinogens, which kick up into the air and are bad for baby to be breathing.

As far as the pump, I would recommend getting that before baby gets here, even though you don't plan on bottle feeding any time soon. I had a HUGE oversupply at the beginning, and it was nice to be able to pump some for relief, and I was able to store up some milk that way also. Some women have problems with letdown, or a fore/hindmilk imbalance. The pump will help with that as well. I have a Medela Pump In Style, and love it!

As the PP said, I would recommend getting the baby swaddlers instead of using receiving blankets. I was a damn good swaddler, but DS still managed to get his arms out. These are the kind that I had, and loved them: . DH couldn't even mess up the swaddle with them haha.

I wouldn't buy any safety gear until baby is actually mobile, that way you can kind of cater it to your baby.

Have you read up on carseat safety? How to properly restrain your baby in the seat (straps tight enough that you can't pinch them at collarbone, chest clips up between baby's armpits, etc.)? Read your manual front to back? Do you know how to correctly install the carseat base (less than one inch of movement at belt path, carseat not touching front seats, not to use LATCH in center of vehicle on most cars, etc.)? These are the little things that a lot of people don't think about, but could literally make the difference between life and death for your baby.