INFLUENZA WHILE PREGNANT; HELP! tmi. HaileaNicole Due September 22; 1 child; Ontario 16 posts
May 3rd '13

2 days ago (early wednesday morning) i went to the emerg with server stomach pains, i had been vomiting for 3 1/2 hours without stopping (at that point. 10pm-130am.), diarrhea , chills, shortness of breath, an dizziness.
i explained to the doctoir that i am 19 week pregnant an will soon be 20 weeks on the following monday.
he then told me to lay back, he pushed on my stomach an asked me if i had, had an ultrasound, i told him awhile back yes but i wouldnt be having another one for another week.
he then proceeded to tell me that "it was only the flu and that they would put me on an iv to get some fluids". i then got an iv with fluids and gravol i was also given a percription because i had white blood cells in my urine .
in total i had been vomiting for 13 hours with stomach pains, no one even attempted to take a look at my child by ultrasound or monitor the heartrate.

its now been 2 days and the pains are back, not as server but they hurt. i have not vomited yet, i have body aches, as well as white stuff coming out of my vaginal area, i didnt notice it till i had gone to the bathroom. im not sure if its from having sex or not. the last time i had sex with my boyfriend was a week from my emergency room visit.
i have called telehealth and they advised me to go back to the ermergency, an in the questions they had asked me there was one that was "is there any white tissue coming out from your vaginal area" hence why im bringing up the white stuff.

im really concerned for not only my health but for my babys because this doctor has misdiagnosed me before.

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May 3rd '13

go back, maybe you'll get a different doctor.