Hate my son's counseling company ......................... Oregon 14226 posts
May 2nd '13

There's no other way to put it.

The first counselor guy I knew something was wrong with him. He just wasn't right. Not showing up to an appt but saying he called me all day. And then he only gave us 30 min sessions maybe 45. Then that guy quit, and he didn't even do our med referral. He left without telling us when our new appt was and what day. He completely changed the day and time, and it upset my son greatly. But he's adjusted.

And all the time I'm thinking, ok it's THIS guy. But nope it's the COMPANY. I hate them. I actually hate them.

I've been trying to work with them, with no luck. We(me and the supervisor and my son's new counselor), got into a big fight when I had to cancel an appt due to sickness then they refused to let me reschedule. Which I had to fight with them just to reschedule and it took over a week for them to agree to it.

Now my son's counselor seems nice, she's fighting for us, all the way.

But her company? OMG I hate them.

Now that we got a brief 20 minutes appt for a med referral, we have to have the official meeting. Which they scheduled the SAME day as his regular counseling appt!

So here's how it's going to go. I have PT in the morning at 9:30, then I have to go pick up my son from school to take him to VANCOUVER, 30 minutes away, without having lunch, to sit in a meeting for an HOUR, then I get to leave at about 2:15 to go home, another 30 minutes drive. I will get home about 30 oclock, possibly sooner, with 2 very cranky other toddlers that just want to sleep. If I'm lucky they'll get to sleep for an hour before I wretch them out of bed to go to big brother's counseling appt, which is luckily in town.

Yeah this totally sounds doable. OMG, I totally want to drag 2 extremely cranky toddlers that don't get naps everywhere to HIS meetings.

So basically I'm being given a choice. Pills or counseling. Obviously we need the pills more than the counseling, what's the point in counseling? We've only seen her once, they refused to reschedule last time, they'll probably refuse again.

And not to mention I have to take a child who is autistic, and take him out of school before recess(which last time resulted in a few teachers getting beat up), with no promise to return. once he finds out he's not going to be able to go back, I'll probably be the one getting beat up. Which is always great with 2 screaming toddlers who want to sleep.

And I even complained to the supervisor, and her response, "You have to understand that your son is SN, and that SN children require more appts and you have to go along with the appts the psychs make for him, and make arrangements around them. Otherwise you won't get them."

Um no shit, but come on!

The next appt for meds is July 25th....seriously. I'm done and over this place. They didn't even tell me when they MADE the appt, I found out that day I came in for an emergency appt that I had a future appt, if he hadn't of told me, I wouldn't even know of it today.

If my husband takes the whole day off for us to watch the kids. Which he can't he may have school that week I don't remember. Maybe not, his boss will dock him a day which means we won't give vacation. Because DH used up all his vacation days when his grandpa died.. Yes I said that right, DH's boss didn't even give him family leave time.